About Astrology

It is a common misconception that astrology was born in mysticism, delivered through ascetics meditating on lonely mountain tops. It didn’t happen that way. Astrology and its root, astronomy, evolved through observation. Our earliest ancestors noticed that the stars formed patterns or pictures that moved through the skies in repeating cycles. They further observed that a few lights in the sky shined with a steadier light than the twinkling light of the stars. These traveled through the star pictures, each at a speed independent of the others and also on predictable schedules.

(Excerpted from Humanus Astrologicus)
In a conversation with someone new to astrology, the question invariably comes up, “How can the stars be the cause of who I am and what happens to me?” The 30 second answer is, as the astrologer Zip Dobyns was fond of saying, “The stars do not cause, they indicate.”

The longer answer involves my retelling one of the most familiar stories of human history in a way many may find surprising. So get a cup of hot chocolate (or whatever), wrap up in your favorite blankie and settle in. But first a little background on how astrology developed into an integral part of many of the world’s cultures, and how the stars became associated with human events and actions.

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