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AstroPress Blog – Deborah Smith Parker, Author Of Humanus Astrologicus

Book Excerpts
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Humanus Astrologicus Excerpts

Sun—who you are, your foundation
Sun in Aries

They boldly go out and explore
Where no one’s ever gone before,
Making us feel small and feckless
While they’re being bold and reckless.
They know that they’ve great things to do
But what they are they’ve not a clue.

Moon—emotional response, what you need to feel secure
Moon in Aquarius

If in love with them you’re matched,
Know that they can be detached.
Being loners deep at heart,
They often set themselves apart
Not quite sure if they fit in,
More on the outside looking in.

Mercury—how you communicate, what information is important to you
Mercury in Scorpio

Few, if any, can impeach
Their economy of speech.
They are inclined to buck and balk
At vain attempts to make them talk;
You find instead, it goes to show,
You’ve told them everything you know.

Venus—what you want, how you can attract it
Venus in Leo

As soon as these folks leave the womb
They know how to fill a room.
It doesn’t matter where they are,
At work, the gym—they are a star.
They hope their entrances are grand:
“What, no flowers? Where’s the band?”

Mars—energy, how you go after what you want
Mars in Pisces

Lots of action makes them wilt,
Strong emotions give them guilt.
Often they’ll just let things go,
Easier to ride the flow.
Then their focus tends to shift
And these are times they seem to drift.

Jupiter—how you expand consciousness, learn
Jupiter in Virgo

They work hard when they are employed
Even if jobs aren’t enjoyed.
At times they may accept too little,
Letting others chop and whittle
At ideals or worth they hold.
To grow through this they must be bold.

Saturn—limitations and you overcome them
Saturn in Sagittarius

Others’ faiths will not apply
Nor do they serve to satisfy.
If forced it leads to their rebellions
When some of them are branded hellions.
The best way that they understand
Is to find things out first hand.

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