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“Astrology for the Astrologically Challenged,” by Deborah Smith Parker

NIGHT sky curtain liftedAs an astrologer for over 30 years, I’ve found that no matter what or who you credit for a new relationship, the circumstances that brought you together were driven by the laws of attraction that can be verified in the stars. It is one of astrology’s greatest strengths to see this evidenced when comparing one horoscope to another.

Attraction is the glue that brings two beings together to play out the script life brought them together to do. We always hope that when we feel such powerful energies drawing us in tightly and electrically with another person (often initially attributed to Mars/Venus connectors) that it’s an indicator that “this is the one” and all should go well. Right? Read on.

As anyone who has been in a relationship longer than three weeks can tell you, strong attractions do not guarantee either longevity or quality. That’s largely because we who live in Western culture are conditioned by expectations of romantic love. We forget that for thousands of years before, relationships (marriages) were contracts—7th house, remember? Those contracts (irrespective of the wishes of those bound together by them) cemented kingdoms, territories, family dynasties, property ownership—and for those not of any class or economic distinction, control over family members. We kid ourselves if we think those values aren’t operating today in many quarters.

Today we consider Mars and Venus as primary planetary agencies that bring us together for romance that leads into the sunset. However, if you’ve HEARTS - attractionread my blogs, you know in mythology Mars and Venus were matrimonial terrorists. Their love affair operated outside the bonds of marriage—theirs and anyone else’s. No one could control them. Anyone who has been swept up in their fiery passion knows this. And no matter how hot that fire flares and what of us it consumes, ultimately, amidst the ashes we find ourselves freed of some slavery we didn’t know until then that had us chained. Here’s why.

Divine Consciousness is brilliant at luring us into where we need to go to learn what we need to know about ourselves. This glue of attraction operates according to the energies of the planets involved. Also, the more planetary aspects there are the stronger the glue.

So, for example, we often start hot, fast and furious with Mars and Venus and their grand seductive, romantic flourishes. Let’s say the Moon is involved, so now it isn’t just scorching sex, it’s emotional attachment. Getting stickier. Then the Pluto aspects with one or more of these planets make themselves known. Slow moving, digging deeper and deeper into your personal underworld, leave no stone unturned, revealing issues of power and control—more than you ever wanted to know—in both you and your partner.

You eventually realize (hopefully sooner than later) that you’ve slipped from the first installments of a Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan film into a Mickey Rourke film with a lot of skank action. Now what do you do? Changes are clearly needed.

This happens to more of us than we often care to admit. In my next post I’ll give a case study or two of this.

Deborah Smith Parker is a professional astrologer and writer on many subjects. She is author of the newly released (2014) “The Horse that Haunts My Heart” and (2010) “Humanus Astrologicus,” both available in paperback and Kindle. To sign up to receive her blog or follow her on Twitter (@astro_logicus) and Facebook click to the right of this post.

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Deborah Smith Parker is re-writing the often impenetrable language of astrology into a much friendlier form. She has spent her 30 plus years as an astrological consultant, writer, teacher and lecturer freeing the rich astrological images and their descriptions increasingly buried under modern clinical and technological descriptions. Her additional work in public policy has provided many outlets for demonstrating her ability to break down highly complex systems into information that’s easily understood.

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  2. Tyrone says:

    I love the way you write, and your themes are always of great interest to me! Especially this particular one, as I have both Mars and Venus in my 8th house in Gemini, sandwiching my Sun! Thankyou for the insight! 🙂

  3. Jill Estensen says:

    Another brilliant blog! I can read and listen to you for hours. Your perspective helps me to grow as an astrologer & human.

  4. diane stacey says:

    Oh, left it as a real cliff hanger..!!!!
    Now I have to wait and wait for the next installment of passion and excitment..!!!

  5. Teri says:

    Oh wow! That certainly heated up memories of past relationships! Let’s have more on this subject please 😉

  6. As always, a great read with amazing insights. Thanks Deborah!

  7. “…Mars and Venus are matrimonial terrorists.” Nothing better has been said so succinctly! Amazing post Deborah 🙂

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