Planetary Tables

How to Use The Planetary Tables

If you are at this page, you have likely purchased the ebook, Humanus Astrologicus. Since the ebook does not include the Planetary Tables, we are providing them here for your convenience. Complete instructions and an explanation for how to use these tables is included in the ebook. Following are links to the PDF files for each Plantary Table along with a handy form to record the results.

You will need to know the birth dates of the people whose planetary placements you are identifying. To look up the signs the planets are in, download each of the Tables below. Each planet has its own table except for the Sun. The dates for the location of the Sun are included in the chapter on the Sun and are indicated at the beginning of each Sun sign poem.


Record Form

There is another method you may use to find the signs the planets are in and that is to search the Internet for a website that calculates astrological charts for free, which may require knowing the time of birth.