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“Astrology for the Astrologically Challenged” by Deborah Smith Parker

To recap from Part I (post on 7/7), Pluto in Capricorn in the USA chart means that the power base in this country always defaults to corporations and their influence on government. However, Pluto also gives to the masses what the masses need to know relative to its astrological sign which is why power is starting to be unmasked. Those operating “behind the curtain” (and not for the greater good I might add) are starting to be exposed.

Case in point: While Pluto was in Sagittarius (7/1 & 6/5 posts) Rupert Murdoch amassed power like some planet gobbling monster on “Star Trek” because, typical of Sagittarius, many chafed against regulations and few were paying attention to details. Then suddenly in the last couple of weeks Murdoch now stands exposed. What happened? Pluto in Capricorn and his slow death roll.

I’ve focused on Pluto in this ongoing thread since he is the granddaddy of all planets—thumbing my nose at astronomers who downgraded him—because he’s like an astrological Gort (awesome robot from “The Day the Earth Stood Still”–original film version), having the power to decimate at global and individual levels. Unlike Gort Pluto also resurrects, fashioning more healthy outcomes out of the ashes. But they come slowly.

There are other planetary cycles simultaneously impacting our nation, and I want to briefly focus on one of those, Saturn who is front and center this month and next. Whereas Pluto is about power, Saturn is about authority. The interaction of these two planets in the USA chart is about who claims the authority to exercise power.

Saturn is in Libra at 14 degrees in the USA chart and its placement requires a balance of social justice and fairness. “We the people” are the ultimate judges of how well social justice is implemented. However, the people are represented by an Aquarian Moon which can be occupied by other concerns and doesn’t often pay attention to the here and now until things get really bad because one of its failings is it’s future oriented, often ignoring the patterns of the past leading to today’s mistakes—but once inflamed can really rally a great rebel movement.

What is important about a Saturn cycle is not as much what happens at the beginning of its 29 year course but what happens at its end for that’s when the true measurement of the strength of its foundation is finally measured. That ending (and the start of a new cycle) will be August of 2011. To get an idea of what will happen we need to go back to its start in 1981.

Return with me now to those thrilling days of yesteryear and the beginning of Ronald Regan’s trickle down economic policy which continues to be a major contributor to our current economic crisis. The theory is that tax cuts to corporations and the rich would create more disposable income for these high earning entities which in turn (key postulation of the theory) would result in their investing more in jobs creations and, oh yes, donations to charities to make up for cuts made to services to the disadvantaged and disabled to pay for their tax cuts. We’re still waiting.

Change is in the works but in stages. Here’s what will probably come down.

  • The unmasking of power will continue on through Pluto’s slow roll for several years until it reaches its exact natal position of 27 degrees Capricorn in 2022. There will be regulatory reforms along the way limiting our financial institutions’ abilities to exercise their unrestrained reckless disregard for anyone but their own profits. However, we should not expect justice—key point—regarding those individuals at the top whose reckless acts pushed our economy off a cliff. Their power (Pluto) is stronger than the authority (Saturn) of the legal system, the people and our current regulatory climate at this juncture in our history.
  • Saturn’s return to its natal place in Libra in August and its corresponding need for fairness will result in the inclusion of increased revenues from the most advantaged American individuals and corporations, but not to the degree progressives hope for.

Stay tuned.

 (Deborah Smith Parker is the author of “Humanus Astrologicus” available in soft cover on this site and now in ebook formats—for a ridiculously low price. To sign up to receive her blog or follow her on Twitter @astro_logicus and Facebook click to the right of this post.)

About author:

Deborah Smith Parker is re-writing the often impenetrable language of astrology into a much friendlier form. She has spent her 30 plus years as an astrological consultant, writer, teacher and lecturer freeing the rich astrological images and their descriptions increasingly buried under modern clinical and technological descriptions. Her additional work in public policy has provided many outlets for demonstrating her ability to break down highly complex systems into information that’s easily understood.

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  1. Jill Estensen says:

    I always thought that Reagan’s Trickle Down sounded like a venereal disease.
    Perhaps those who’ve pushed our economy off the cliff will all have passed on to be reborn to correct the mess by 2022.

  2. Sharon Hart says:

    Thank you for your astute explanation of the influences directing human events. I find it most interesting that at this point in time there is a major conflux of “the unmasking of power”, whether we’re talking about “king-makers” like Rupert Murdoch tumbling to the ground like “Humpty Dumpty” or the work done by those associated with WikiLeaks. Your point about not anticipating justice is sage, particularly when we hear the cries asking for legal measures to be taken by many. A good example of this can be seen in the recent mistrial that was declared on July 14 in Roger Clemens’ perjury trial after prosecutors showed jurors evidence that the judge had ruled inadmissible. Reporters have indicated that due to “double-jeopardy” rules this may be seen as an ultimate “victory” for the former base-ball player, even if the deeper issues have been unveiled to the public.

  3. I can’t wait to read the rest of your research. I always enjoy reading your insightful articles! Keep up the good work!!

  4. Minton Brooks says:

    A thoroughly delightful read!

  5. Teri says:

    Always an interesting astro blog post, even for a novice like myself. I often struggle wondering what the heck some of the people in power are thinking and why the state of our country is in such upheaval, and I must say Deborah’s insights help me sort it all out. I look for the summary at the end, and am relieved to find a tidbit of hope. What will the next post reveal? Hurry up! It’s like waiting a week for the next episode of a favorite series—I need my fix!

  6. Mary louise says:

    Hi Deborah, Good article, very insightful. I’ve been looking at the astrology since the current issues piqued my interest. I’ve got a class going in progressions,solar returns.transits and figured I’d learn a lot by looking at the astrology of the USA.
    Pluto will indeed expose the truth, but when????

  7. Craig says:

    Interesting take on the limited (Saturn) ability to get what we need from those who have so much. Also in Libra, where we want justice.

    With Pluto coming to an opposition in the USA natal chart in 2014 and specifically, April, where Uranus is also square in Aries, that’s when the real fireworks will happen. What we see now is merely a warm up. I do believe that things will shift dramatically and that many old outworn institutions and giant mega corps will die, but not without a fight.

    It also reminds me of the first revolution based on taxation without representation — one of the very things that the occupy movement has a problem with, that is, the disconnect between the people in Wash DC and the people they represent.

    Its going to be a wild ride, but all for the better.


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