As a practicing astrologer, I enjoy the pearls of wisdom that spring up every time I open the book. As a reader, I love the flow of the verse and the way it tickles my mind with clever turns and pithy takes. Deborah Smith Parker has taken the art of astrology and restored the “art” to it. Her witty verse delivers a sparkle of fun which catches you off-guard and delights you with rhyme like you remember from childhood, and then you realize the depth of insight that is tucked away inside each line.
Jim Hennum, astrologer

This book is a “must” for anyone with even a passing interest in astrology. In my case, as a professional astrologer, it is fast becoming a great tool for getting points across to clients. Ms Parker’s work is a brilliant and user-friendly introduction to astrology.
Anne Beversdorf, astrologer

Deborah Parker’s “HUMANUS ASTROLOGICUS” is delightfully educational.
The accuracy of her poetic depictions of the Sun, Moon & Ascendant in each of the signs is fantastic. When I read a chart for a client, I pick up “HUMANUS ASTROLOGICUS” to get a humorous and in depth sense of my client.
Jill Estensen, counselor.

Amazing! For anyone who has ever wondered about the personality portraits of those in their family, work and social relationships, this book is a lot of information in the disguise of fun. PH Miller, reader

Reading Humanus Astrologicus moved me from my normal skepticism to believing astrology has a deeper basis in reality than I suspected. Written with wit, style and great psychological insight—and in verse at that—Humanus Astrologicus helped explain me to myself (and who not to marry next time around).
Bill Manville
“Addictions & Answers,”
The New York Daily News
Faculty, Temple University

Whether you’re well-versed in astrology or don’t know your sun sign from your rising sign, Humanus Astrologicus offers fresh insight into how the heavens influence us. Through clever and delightfully surprising verse, Deborah Smith Parker weaves myth and meaning into word portraits of each of the astrological alignments of sun, moon, planets and constellations. The easy-to-use charts at the back of the book guide readers in creating their own unique and individual astrological profile. This is a wonderful compendium for those seeking self-understanding or for curious explorers of human behavior. –Judy Reeves, author, A Writer’s Book of Days