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Deborah Smith Parker is re-writing the often impenetrable language of astrology into a much friendlier form. She has spent her 30 plus years as an astrological consultant, writer, teacher and lecturer freeing the rich astrological images and their descriptions increasingly buried under modern clinical and technological descriptions. Her additional work in public policy has provided many outlets for demonstrating her ability to break down highly complex systems into information that’s easily understood.

Parker grew up bi-lingual, fluent in both prose and poetry, learning from her father at an early age to write witty verse. Later she learned how to effectively use many forms of writing, but whatever the topic she can’t help but slide in some humor.

In her first book, Humanus Astrologicus, Parker’s unique use of language fashions clever verse and insightful prose to go where no astrologer has gone before and easily takes the reader along. Unlike many astrology books, it has richness both for the person clueless about astrology as well as the seasoned astrologer.

Parker says she’s never had a career path, just a career wake and has always worked in traditional and non-traditional worlds concurrently. She hasn’t had a job she was qualified for at the time she was hired, yet always did well. Why work in known territories when one’s best destiny begins at the edges of one’s known world, a concept she carries into all areas of life. A recent example of that is her decision four years ago to successfully treat her breast cancer principally with homeopathy, shunning chemo, radiation, and tamoxifen.

Parker is Vice President of the San Diego Astrological Society. Her works have been published in over 25 different outlets ranging from “Journal of the American Medical Association” to “The Mountain Astrologer” to “Nuthouse.” An English major and graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Parker lives in San Diego with her husband Jeff, a homeopath, and their Cattle Dog Eli.