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Oct. 28, 2010
Contacts: Frank Sabatini Jr./media coordinator/619-925-3794; Deborah Smith

San Diego Author Throws Rhyme on Reason to Show What Makes Us Tick

Deborah Smith Parker has ventured where no astrology author has gone before. In her newly released book, Humanus Astrologicus, the longtime practitioner applies colorful verse to sharp and witty interpretations of sun, moon and planetary placements, affording
readers stunning insights into their charts sans the familiar prose.

Three years in the making, Parker’s 200-page book transcends common astrological interpretations through fresh observations that originate from studying and practicing astrology for more than three decades. The poetry aspect of the book, she says, came naturally. “I learned the power of poetry from my parents before I could read or write.”

Prior to penning Humanus Astrologicus, Parker wrote and published humorous, prizewinning poems on a host of socio-political topics such as healthcare; gender politics; menopause; highway road blocks by the California Department of Transportation and the marketing of outdoor clothing and equipment (those of which never show the reality of camping.)

During the development of Humanus Astrologicus, she conducted two focus groups with mainly skeptical non-astrologers to see how well they related to her astrological interpretations served on a rhythmical plate. Each group was comprised of at least two people from each of the 12 sun signs. Participants across the board said the interpretations of their personal planetary placements not only applied, but that the material helped frame how they respond to everyday life situations.

Both experts and newcomers to astrology will revel in Parker’s pioneering analyses of what it means to be an Aquarius or a Taurus, for example, and furthermore what personality traits are indicative to having moon in Gemini or Mercury in Leo, as other examples. Parker addresses each planetary placement in the 12 signs of the zodiac, up to and including Saturn. And she accommodates novices with easy astronomical tables to determine those placements.

For those who marveled at the astute sun-sign interpretations in Linda Goodman’s famous Sun Signs book of the 1970s, Parker delves further into moon and planetary placements and reignites self-explorers with astrological accuracies tailored to 21st Century readers – only this time we get it in amusing, unprecedented verse.

Humanus Astrologicus is available for purchase ($18.95) through Parker can be contacted directly at

To receive a press copy of the book and/or arrange an interview with Parker, call Frank
Sabatini Jr. at 619-925-3794.

Deborah Smith Parker

Deborah Smith Parker is an astrologer, writer and poet, who passes for normal as a public policy strategist in health-related issues. She has been involved with astrology for more than 30 years as an advocate, practitioner, writer and teacher – and is now as the author of Humanus Astrologicus (Astrologicus Press), written in witty verse and released in late December 2009. She is currently vice president of the San Diego Astrological Society.

A graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a degree in English, Parker often uses humor to express the issues she deeply feels, whether they be social, political or otherwise. In addition to Humanus Astrologicus, she has written and published poems
and essays on numerous topics such as the California lifestyle, big Pharma, technology, morality, military guidelines, HMO’s, literary criticism, merchandising and maintaining one’s individuality in a bureaucracy.

She lives in San Diego, CA with her husband, Jeff, and a cattle dog named Eli.