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AstroPress Blog – Deborah Smith Parker, Author Of Humanus Astrologicus

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March 26, 201515 Comments

By Deborah Smith Parker

Today is my birthday and while I am a teensy bit over 65 this poem still applies! 

Some thoughts on turning 65:
The first one is I’m still alive!
There were times that’s been in doubt
But so far everything’s worked out.

Twenty five years now have passed BLACK DRESS
Since I wore my bikini last.
My slutty black dress days are gone.
At 9:00 p.m. I start to yawn.

My ears now have a constant buzz.
I’m one breast lighter than I was.
The one that’s left is getting saggy;
The skin below my eyes is baggy.

My back’s not stooped and I don’t wheeze,
But there’s this thing about my knees,
Like when I get down on the floor
Which I don’t do much anymore.

So who’s this woman that I see
Each morning looking back at me?
Not the one who caught men’s glances,
Causing them to make advances.

65! It can’t be true!
My mother is the person who
Is 65, not me, no way!
When DID these wrinkles come to stay?
I moisturize but can’t escape
How my skin’s morphed into crepe.

But even though kids call me ma’am
I’m more at ease with who I am.
Although my body has declined
I love what’s happened with my mind.
This consciousness that I’ve collected
Is put to good use, is respected.

I’m driven more to find life’s wonder;
I mind much less now when I blunder,
Because I’m called to risk, explore
A lot more than I did before.

Deborah Smith Parker is a professional astrologer and writer on many subjects. She is author of the newly released (2014) “The Horse that Haunts My Heart” and (2010) “Humanus Astrologicus,” both available in paperback and Kindle. To sign up to receive her blog or follow her on Twitter (@astro_logicus) and Facebook click to the right of this post.

About author:

Deborah Smith Parker is re-writing the often impenetrable language of astrology into a much friendlier form. She has spent her 30 plus years as an astrological consultant, writer, teacher and lecturer freeing the rich astrological images and their descriptions increasingly buried under modern clinical and technological descriptions. Her additional work in public policy has provided many outlets for demonstrating her ability to break down highly complex systems into information that’s easily understood.

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15 Responses to “SOME THOUGHTS ON TURNING 65”

  1. Candi Sary says:

    Happy birthday to you! Another wonderful poem! Thanks for sharing.

  2. LUZAZUL says:

    Happy birthday! Great poem and too true.

  3. Teri says:

    Love it! And love you! You are still wise beyond your years 🙂

    • You are priceless and blessed with wisdom and poetic talents that enriches us all.

      Happy birthday Deborah. It’s been my very good fortune in my own journey to senior status to have had the honor of your friendship. I simply love your book: The Horse that Haunts My Heart.

      Happy Birthday!!

  4. Pat Wrolson says:

    Wishing you a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!

  5. Vicki L in Houston says:

    A major milestone – another success! Happy Birthday, Deborah!

  6. Inez says:

    I love the poem. I identify! I surely don’t get down on the floor much anymore! Happy Return of the Sun. Bask in it and your own gloriousness!

  7. Jill Estensen says:

    Happy Birthday!!! I love your poem. What a joy to read your good works. Thank you for the birthday gift!!!

  8. karenhawthorne says:

    I adore you!!

  9. Jeanne says:

    So true, but you say it delightfully. Happy Birthday, Deborah!

  10. Deb
    You rock and always will
    Am 10 years ahead of you and lovi’n every minute
    Jazzercise is what I do to keep on truckin’

    You are the best
    And love the poem
    Love You!!!!♡♡♡♡♡

  11. Yolie Robledo says:

    Hi Deborah! that was such an awesome poem… gave me quite a chuckle..
    I hope you have a wonderful Birthday and can celebrate with friends and family.
    Please give my best to your mate!

  12. I love you Deb! You lightened my day.

  13. Linda Porter says:

    Great poem & fun thoughts! Love your talent!

  14. Congratulations to the first generation of sexy sixty-five year olds. And I really mean that! Nothing old about any of you.

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