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“Astrology for the Astrologically Challenged” by Deborah Smith Parker

Like many of us I’ve been following the drama of Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s war on his state’s workers. In my Feb. 21, blog, “Wisconsin’s Clash of the Titans,” I stated astrologically what is fueling the massive and unrelenting opposition to his efforts by the people of Wisconsin.

Now I’d like to dig into what Walker’s chart reveals. Watching him is like being caught in a continuous loop of the film “Unstoppable.” Will there be a train wreck? Will it be avoided? [Astrologer’s note: His DOB is November 2, 1967 in Colorado Springs, time unknown.]

In astrological parlance Walker is a double Scorpio having both Sun and Moon in that sign. Statistically so do approximately 4% of the earth’s population and they’re not commanding headlines the way he does, so clearly something else is fueling this. As with all astrological signs Scorpio has its positive and negative traits from which each person must choose how much of their talents and efforts are to serve the greater good as well as their own interests. So let’s start his chart review with key characteristics of Scorpio he’s been exhibiting.

  • They’re hard working
  • To say they have a strong drive for control is like saying a tsunami is high surf.
  • They can be so stubbornly determined that they put their opposite sign Taurus to shame.
  • You can’t outwait them—they’re built for the long haul. Like those fish that live at the bottom of the sea they thrive on pressure. Remove pressure from them and they go looking for it.
  • They are secretive. This can be a good thing but not when you keep your true intent from the citizens who elected you.
  • They’re clever strategists who delight in keeping their tactics from the public eye, liking only to have results visible.
  • Like scorpions in nature they do best when launching attacks from the safety of their burrows. Drag them to the surface and they can thrash around becoming so riled that they sting themselves.

Many of us look forward to seeing more expression from him of Scorpio’s positive traits, chiefly a deep compassion and ability to effect transformative policies that benefit many people.

Add to this his placement of Scorpio’s ruling planet, Pluto, which is in Virgo (see my last two posts on this) conjunct Venus. This means he not only really likes power and wants to wield it personally he has the ability to attract it. In Virgo his vehicle is likely through service industry jobs such as government or healthcare. Pluto in tight aspect with a personal planet like Venus puts him into the public arena in some capacity. With the rebel planet of Uranus also in the mix he will try to exercise his power in some unorthodox ways with results he won’t always be able to predict or control. Sauce for the goose, as my grandmother used to say.

His Scorpio traits helped him achieve success but aren’t what placed him at the center of his current political maelstrom. Clearly something else in his chart is both fueling and triggering what’s going on. Let’s take a look and I’ll try to be gentle with the jargon.

  • His Mars in Capricorn gives him his drive for success. His Saturn in Aries gives him both a desire for personal autonomy and authority over others. These two planets in what we call “mutual reception” synergistically combine not just to make him ambitious but VERY ambitious with an itch for power and control that just has to be scratched.
  • His Saturn and Mars are in a tight square. Squares mean he will have conflicts forcing him to deal with how to satisfy his individual need for achievement and authority and to balance it with responsible actions. That’s astrology talk for getting the stuffing kicked out of him until he learns. These are also classic “always fighting Daddy’s authority and getting him to see me so when I grow up everyone’s going to know who I am” signatures.

What set this whole powder keg off are the February 2011 transits (planets as they move around in the sky) of Pluto and Jupiter hitting this Saturn/Mars square at the same time.

  • Jupiter the bestower of fortunes or the hope of fortune—seen as the same to the person being impacted—moved into an exact conjunction with his Saturn. Jupiter expands whatever he touches which pumped up Walker’s drive for authority coupled with confidence that he could attain it.  Jupiter also squared Mars pouring the proverbial gasoline on the fire of his ambition.
  • At the same time fate enters in the guise of Pluto. Pluto aspects in someone’s chart force that person to meet a fated situation, one that involves loss and debt repayment required by something deep in the unconscious. There is also great gain available but usually only after this loss which looms so hugely that the fight to win feels like it’s to the death. And it is the death of something, but not usually of one’s mortality. British astrologer Liz Greene says a Pluto transit is like a wolf caught in a trap. He’ll get out but he may have to chew off a leg to do it. Since Pluto is Scorpio’s ruling planet Walker has a double whammy here.
  • Pluto moved into an exact conjunction with his Mars, always potentially explosive. It gets worse. This Pluto/Mars hook up was also square Walker’s Saturn which is already inflated with Jupiter’s confidence for success. Remember that conflict resolution thing hanging out there? Acting together this whole potboiler can make you feel like you can fly which often leads to a train wreck since trains don’t fly. When you are in a battle with the Lord of the Underworld you are not going to win. The smart move is to do what is best for the masses to minimize the carnage. The dumb move is to try to use the situation to advance oneself.

How will he fare? Great success or Greek tragedy? I think he’s going to come out of this with a pretty bad limp, maybe even needing a wheel chair if he doesn’t stop driving his personal agenda that the people of Wisconsin have clearly indicated they are so opposed to.

Walker is under assault in two areas: His personal authority and authority as head of state. With Pluto pounding on his Mars and Saturn through July of 2012—and Pluto always extracts a tonnage of flesh—he will face more than one legal sanction in the form of lawsuits as well as administrative sanctions, called elections, up through July of 2012.

Key time periods to watch: In mid July through mid November he may feel he’s dodged a bullet but he hasn’t. Watch him closely then and through the end of this year. Things will ramp up again challenging him all the way through July of 2013. Since Pluto always deals with what is best for the greater good, he is going to have to clearly demonstrate in hard terms just who he serves—himself and his ambition or the people of Wisconsin.  He will have to demonstrate this not just to Wisconsin voters but to the Lord of the Underworld himself.

(Deborah Smith Parker is the author of “Humanus Astrologicus” available on this site. To follow her on Twitter and Facebook click to the right of this post)

About author:

Deborah Smith Parker is re-writing the often impenetrable language of astrology into a much friendlier form. She has spent her 30 plus years as an astrological consultant, writer, teacher and lecturer freeing the rich astrological images and their descriptions increasingly buried under modern clinical and technological descriptions. Her additional work in public policy has provided many outlets for demonstrating her ability to break down highly complex systems into information that’s easily understood.

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  1. Mary Rode says:

    Wow, pretty interesting stuff even if I don’t understand it — you should make sure the WI 14 get a hold of this! Thanks, Deb!

  2. Al says:

    What are the astrological markers for a sociopath? Lots of us think he is one.

    • Margie says:

      Al, I was reading this blog this morning. I have done astrology for over 4 decades, but am doing Scott Walker’s numerology chart this morning. I was blithely going through various websites, came across your comment, was moving on and something clicked. I have looked at the numerology charts of a number of sociopaths, including Frank Abagnale and others. Many of them have 1 destinies, which is calculated by adding up the letter values of the full birth name. Guess what the governor’s destiny is? Most of these sociopaths have been caught and convicted, which is how they were identified. Interestingly, there are people with 1 birth forces who have a high destiny number, typically 8, who also appear to be sociopathic and they are rarely caught. I can think of one former vice president as an example.

  3. Deborah:

    So wonderfully delineated and beautifully describe (as you always do).

    I am trying to get over the desire to see the stuffing kicked out of him and keep focused on what’s best for the people of WI and the people worldwide. But still, the spectacle of stuffing everywhere as an example to others who think their power grabs are more important, and their judgments are more wise than the public really, really appeals to me!

  4. Thanks for the great insights on Walker walking his chart. Another point–Mars is the traditional ruler of Scorpio (and therefore his Sun and Moon) and and Pluto aspecting his Mars is the equivalent of Pluto aspecting his Sun and Moon. This brouhaha he’s planted himself in will change him. And yes, I’m Trying not to think vengefully…

  5. Beth Newcomer says:

    Deborah — In your blog, you have the wonderful breezy tone of great sportswriters — which is a compliment coming from me because there aren’t many writers that can make sports interesting in the slightest, IMHO. In this entry, you capture the key Scorpionic signature precisely with your first set of bullets. Must be tough for a male double Scorpio to live gracefully at all with that Saturn/Mars square. It seems likely that he end up the right’s sacrificial lamb (or wolf) when this whole, fake “small government” BS collapses. I’ll enjoy seeing him scurry back to his burrow, chased by newly empowered state workers, once the other shoe drops.

  6. Your place is valueble for me. Thanks!…

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