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Deborah’s second book, The Horse that Haunts My Heart, (2014) captivates anyone who ever loved a horse – or wished they’d had one to love. Set against the backdrop of the Rocky Mountains, it is a coming of age memoir that chronicles the extraordinary relationship established between Parker and her horse during three transformative summers she spent on a horse ranch.

This book also allows the reader to explore the relationship of horse and rider outside of manicured fields and bridle paths. These summers were spent riding, wrangling, and sleeping under the stars while Deborah’s extraordinary relationship with her horse, Tank, developed.

In many ways, it is a love story with a sprinkling of mystical moments, revealing the deep connection we can have with a non-human creature and learning each other’s language. Through Deborah’s mastery of lyrical language, the story is shaped by the poignancy, hilarity and drama that tested relationships undergo.

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