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Astrological references are throughout the Bible, but if you don’t know astrology those references are invisible to you. For instance, where did the Star of David come from?

How many people actually saw the Star of Bethlehem and who were they? Even though some people think that astrology and religion are antithetical to each other, they are entwined in the same ancient and sacred traditions and emanating from the same beginnings.

As it says in Genesis, “God said let there be lights in the firmament of heaven to divide the day from night; and let them be for signs and seasons. . .”

Understanding the Shifting Power Relationships Among the People, the Government and Corporations

In astrology, Pluto works at a global level ultimately giving to the masses what they need. His intent isn’t to kill us individually although it can sure feel like it -- and at times we wish he would. Instead he reveals what is killing us through collective thought and action, relative to the sign he’s in.

He also provides opportunities to right the exposed power inequities. For instance Pluto has just returned for the first time to its natal position in our nation’s chart to the sign of Capricorn. Any country with Pluto in Capricorn has to protect itself from a power base that, unless intervened upon, defaults to corporations and their influence on government.

This eye opening presentation traces Pluto through each sign to show the shifting power dynamics in each astrological placement and the dramatic shifts corporations’ abilities to influence government, who is impacted and how “we the people” are affected and what we can do. Both astrologers and non-astrologers will find value in this presentation.

The language of astrology can act as a conduit or barrier to communicating the benefits astrology holds for people. Modern astrology has been strongly impacted by cognitive psychology and its clinical objectifications. These can be helpful as long as they don’t cause the unwitting astrologer to slip into describing deep human experiences as something you’d only pick up with tweezers.

Deborah Smith Parker will toss the tweezers and give a lively and entertaining presentation about reviving and applying astrology’s rich language of images. Using examples from literature, art and religion she will track the centuries of progressive sanitizing and weakening in our culture of the expressions of the gods and planetary archetypes. She will illustrate how we can rescue the power of those expressions to help our clients better understand the information their charts have for them.

The Undiscovered Country of Astrology and Dogs!

Do you know which dogs from which signs are the fastest sprinters? The greatest show offs? The perimeter guards? If you use astrology as it is applied to human behavior to answer these questions you will probably be incorrect.

Astrological archetypes apply to the instinctive levels of consciousness of animals as well as to humans but not quite in the same way. Dogs are not furry little people. We need a different lens. Deborah Smith Parker will help us see through this new lens and subsequently bring more understanding to our relationships with our dogs.

Deborah has completed over 15 years of astrological research on dogs through observation and interviews with hundreds of dog owners as well as extensive discussions and interviews with breeders and trainers. Her results will be published in her soon to be released book, Canis Astrologicus. Not only is her information useful and intriguing with many surprises, but highly entertaining.