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Deborah Parker’s new book, Wit, Snark, and Light in the Dark, is exclusively poetry, generously delivering on the promise of the title—rich uses of a wide gamut of poetic expression through rhymes and other rhythms that pull the reader into the essence of the poems.

Lifelong poet and winner of the San Diego Book Award for his book, Left Unlatched, R. T. Sedgewick concludes, “Wit, Snark, and Light in the Dark is a compelling and convincing account of the humor and seriousness within the human condition, and as the title suggests, is accomplished using a plethora of perfect meter and rhyme. Keep a copy handy. It will add music to your life.”

Parker reminds us that poetry is as natural to human beings as water is to fish. It’s a language of images, and the brain is hungry for images, our minds’ first conceptualization of how we experience the world. Most of us don’t consciously realize that our comprehension and communication depend on constantly translating images in words and words back into images.

As with her previous publications there is a generous range of laughter and tears, often on the same page.