Understanding the Shifting Power Relationships Among the People, the Government and Corporations

In astrology, Pluto works at a global level ultimately giving to the masses what they need. His intent isn’t to kill us individually although it can sure feel like it -- and at times we wish he would. Instead he reveals what is killing us through collective thought and action, relative to the sign he’s in.

He also provides opportunities to right the exposed power inequities. For instance Pluto has just returned for the first time to its natal position in our nation’s chart to the sign of Capricorn. Any country with Pluto in Capricorn has to protect itself from a power base that, unless intervened upon, defaults to corporations and their influence on government.

This eye opening presentation traces Pluto through each sign to show the shifting power dynamics in each astrological placement and the dramatic shifts corporations’ abilities to influence government, who is impacted and how “we the people” are affected and what we can do. Both astrologers and non-astrologers will find value in this presentation.