$175 (one hour)

Interpreting your natal chart involves an in depth examination and discussion of your life’s themes and events. An astrological analysis looks backward as well as forward in your life and explains a great deal about patterns and experiences of family, relationships, talents, changes of direction and career.

Deborah also uses transits and progressions as indicators of the development of these themes to plot the timing of new challenges and opportunities. Astrology can give a clearer picture of those situations, address the “why now” aspect to them, and provide helpful and insightful answers.

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$99 (30 minute consultation)

It can feel as if sudden changes fell on you like Dorothy’s house landed in Oz, or it may seem like a stagnant time. Chances are, neither are really accurate assessments.

“It” didn’t just fall out of the sky and something is ALWAYS happening because our planetary cycles are always in motion bringing newness into our lives while sweeping away ashes of the old.

People are often surprised to learn the specific timing of these activities, indicated by the movement of the planets, and the changes it brings to their lives. Checking in for an astrological tune up can be enlightening and helpful.

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Individual teaching or “coaching” allows the person to have a personally constructed course of astrological study‚ developed content and time-wise to meet that person’s learning agenda.

Distance is not a factor since consultation can be done through electronic media such as Skype. It need not be multiple sessions of study but just a single “drop in” or “check in” session on a particular topic.

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