The Undiscovered Country of Astrology and Dogs!

Do you know which dogs from which signs are the fastest sprinters? The greatest show offs? The perimeter guards? If you use astrology as it is applied to human behavior to answer these questions you will probably be incorrect.

Astrological archetypes apply to the instinctive levels of consciousness of animals as well as to humans but not quite in the same way. Dogs are not furry little people. We need a different lens. Deborah Smith Parker will help us see through this new lens and subsequently bring more understanding to our relationships with our dogs.

Deborah has completed over 15 years of astrological research on dogs through observation and interviews with hundreds of dog owners as well as extensive discussions and interviews with breeders and trainers. Her results will be published in her soon to be released book, Canis Astrologicus. Not only is her information useful and intriguing with many surprises, but highly entertaining.